The Leap – Inside Architect Dorte Mandrup’s Mind

The Leap – Inside Architect Dorte Mandrup’s Mind

Fri Oct 25 4:00 PM

General Admission
21 Mins
You are invited on a journey to UNESCO World Heritage sites of the Icefjord in Greenland and The Wadden Sea in Denmark to experience world-famous architecture shaped by unique landscapes, climate and human conditions. Listen to the ice cracking in Greenland, see the endless horizon of the Wadden Sea and experience the journey of how these landscapes inform and inspire two unusual buildings.

The viewer is immersed in internationally acclaimed Danish architect Dorte Mandrup’s universe and will discover how she weaves aesthetics, functionality and sustainability closely together to create landmark architecture. The VR experience aims to capture the thought process and creative process of an architect devoted to pushing materials and experimenting with form until something “leaps” inside of her, as she puts it, and she realizes the building is about to land as architecture.

The VR film follows the architect’s work methods close at hand during her creation of the iconic Wadden Sea Center on the west coast of Denmark as well as Isfjord Center at the edge of the ice fjord at Disco Bay in Greenland.

The VR film tells this story in the cross field between live action images, animation and 3D-modelling to bring the sites and the architect’s vision to life. “Architecture is a narrative art form,” says architect Dorte Mandrup. So what better way to explore the inside of her mind with the narrative medium of VR film.


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