That's Not Me

That's Not Me
That's Not Me
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That's Not Me

85 mins | Dramatic Feature | Byron Community Centre
Sat 7 Oct 3:15 PM
Byron Community Centre
Wheelchair Access

General Admission

Director : Gregory Erdstein

Producer : Alice Foulcher, Anna Kojevnikov, Gregory Erdstein, Sally Storey

Polly has a problem: she's an actor with big aspirations, but it's her identical twin Amy who is scoring all the good roles and screen time. It's humiliating and it hurts, being "the other one", mistaken for a rising-star sibling and rejected when her true identity is revealed.

Polly's parents, her agent, even lovers make their preference clear. Alice Foulcher does a brilliant comic job as the fall girl (and her pesky sibling).  When Polly decides to make the most of her sister's celebrity, she's headed for trouble.  Then, against all good advice and realistic hope, she flies to Hollywood.

Foulcher and  husband Gregory Erdstein – Victorian College of the Arts alumni – collaborated on this, their first feature.  It's hilarious and heart-rending at once .Featured is Australian actor Isabel Lucas (Home and Away and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen), who plays Polly's glamorous LA-based actor friend, Zoe.

Screened at Raindance Film Festival.

Screens with: Soop, Backstory

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