One Less God

One Less God
One Less God
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One Less God

128 mins | Dramatic Feature | Brunswick Picture House
Sun 15 Oct 7:00 PM
Brunswick Picture House

General Admission

Director : Lliam Worthington

Producer : Lliam Worthington, Joel Hagen, Maren Smith.

Based on real events from 2008, when Islamic fundamentalists besieged the Taj Mahal Hotel in Mumbai, murdering staff and travellers, One Less God focuses on a number of guests as they fight for survival – and on the experience of the terrorists.

It tells a tale of redemption and sacrifice, of faith and despair. Of the light in the darkness.The suspenseful film is directed by Australian Lliam Worthington, and features Australian actors Joseph Mahler Taylor and Nathan Kaye.It won the top award at the Dances With Films festival in America, whose chiefs described it as "one of the most masterful works we've seen come out of the Australian independent scene".

Cast and Crew in Attendance

Screened at Dances with Films Festival.

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