Höre die Stille (hear The Silence)

Höre die Stille (hear The Silence)
Höre die Stille (hear The Silence)

Höre die Stille (hear The Silence)

95 mins | Dramatic Feature | Byron Community Centre
Fri 13 Oct 12:30 PM
Byron Community Centre
SubtitledWheelchair Access

General Admission

Director : Ed Ehrenberg

Producer : Lou Binder, Ed Ehrenberg, Ludwig Franz.

A small group of scattered German soldiers occupies a beautiful little settlement of Russia-Germans in Ukraine, 1941.

The dozen women and handful of children and old people welcome the Nazi soldiers as "liberators", saving them rom the impending Russian deportation.

The groups grow closer, peacefully, until a village woman is assaulted and killed by the Nazi officer. He is killed in reprisal and the situation changes, with the soldiers and civilians turning on each other, committing atrocious crimes.

Hear the Silence is a parable about the loss of innocence during times of war that results in brutal pre-emptive or revenge actions and people get trapped in an unstoppable circle of violence.

Screened at Revolution me Int'l Film Festival.

Screens with: Manners of Dying

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Byron Community Centre

69 Jonson St
Byron Bay, NSW, 2481

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